Complex Vs. Basic Service

Tree Service that Spans the Spectrum

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in tree care, Big Branch Tree Service in Jacksonville has the scope to handle situations of all complexity levels. When you’re scheduling service with us, you can feel confident that we’re up to the challenge. But how do you know if the help you’re requesting is complex or basic? Read on to find out.

What is Complex Tree Service?

A situation is complex when there’s heavy, complicated, and even hazardous work required. The most common example is the aftermath of a hurricane or strong storm. Fallen trees are dangerous to move and should be handled by professionals. We are no stranger to hazardous jobs and have both the skill and equipment necessary to remove trees in a safe manner. We’re proud to offer this elite service to both commercial and residential property owners here in Florida.

What is Basic Tree Service?

Basic service includes tasks such as trimming, stump grinding, and light land clearing. It can include tree removal as well. It’s general purpose is to keep properties looking beautiful while ensuring any trees are healthy and safe. For instance, we equip trees to withstand storms better by removing dead limbs and clearing out the interiors to allow better airflow.

No matter what task we complete for you, we leave your property looking its best. Choose our complete services and make an appointment with us today.