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Dealing with storm damage is simply a part of living in the great state of Florida. In the aftermath of a severe wind storm or hurricane, it’s important for homeowners in Florida to assess the damage that may have occurred, and decide what further actions need to be taken to keep everyone safe and keep properties from being damaged further. Big Branch Tree Service in Jacksonville offers emergency tree services 24 hours a day, seven days a...

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It’s understandable that many home and business owners in Jacksonville may look at one of their struggling trees and believe it would be a simple task to bring it down. While the concept seems easy enough, there are actually several factors to consider when it comes to safely removing problematic trees from residential and commercial spaces, and they’re best left to the experts who have been licensed and trained to perform such a task.

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Have you been blessed with an abundance of trees on your Jacksonville property? Perhaps tree care is your thing, but if you’re like many people in the area, you can see the potential value in hiring a professional tree service to care for your landscape. If you’ve been contemplating taking advantage of the tree services available in Jacksonville, Big Branch Tree Service would like to give you a few great reasons to make the call today and...

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